#NYCares day with JWT and BARC

Spent the morning at the BARC shelter in Brooklyn dog-walking as part of work’s volunteer day. If you’re in NY and looking for a dog, this place has a ton of them needing homes - but failing that you can pretty much show up at anytime and take them out for a walk (McCarren park is like 12 blocks away).

This lil dude above is Yankee. When I walked in he was laying down with his ass in the air and I thought he was just attention seeking - but then when he noticed me and started sliding forward, his front legs still tucked under him, moving with his back legs, I figured out pretty quick he was crippled. Awesome lil dog, so sad tho - that is until you see his sweet wheel chair.

Anyway, we walked two dogs. 

Francine (Above) and Burt (Below)

Both amazingly awesome. I now want a dog again.

But, of course, in my tiny little apartment I think I’ll have to settle on coming out in the weekends and taking these guys for a stroll.. no doubt more photos to come when I claim them as my own each weekend going forward.

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